Free 24-hour adult mental

health telephone helpline

0808 800 3302

Samaritans (24hrs every day)

08457 909090

Focus Line (5pm - 1am)

08000 272127

Sane-Line (5.30pm - 10.30pm

every day)

0300 304 7000


In 2017 a small group of friends gathered to promote mental health awareness in North West Leicestershire.

We were amazed at the response to the initial suggestions to ‘do something’. Literally hundreds of people from our community wanted to be involved and to know more. We have been so blessed with support and we are really happy to be able to promote something that we feel so passionately about. Just so you know who’s been organising all this stuff, we have a small committee...

Karen Watts

Karen Watts, has been the founding inspiration behind the 'You've Got A Friend' project. Karen has worked in mental health for many years and sees each day how issues affect not only individuals but also their family and friends around them. As such, Karen has a passion and a determination to make mental health more accessible whilst raising its profile and breaking down barriers within our community.

Tony Staniforth

A brilliant musician and a familiar face on the Leicestershire music scene, Tony Staniforth was the perfect choice as our Musical Director. He has worked alongside David and every artist and musician throughout the whole recording process providing vision and encouragement to everyone involved.

Ray Whitmore

Ray Whitmore is well known throughout the Coalville area as a drummer. He has for many years also been an integral part of Big Rock Promotions who have organised numerous festivals and events which have raised a huge amount of money for charities. A natural leader, Ray was the perfect choice to manage the YGAF project as he always gets things done! Ray has seen first hand how suicide can affect families and friends, and feels really strongly that communities coming together is the way forward.

Richard Smith

Richard Smith is an incredibly talented photographer and videographer. He has spent hours capturing footage for our project and even more hours editing it all together. Richard has a wonderful gentle manner about him that has enabled all our interviewees to feel that they could openly talk to him about their experiences.

David Moore

David Moore has years of experience recording music both in the studio and on location so he was the perfect choice to create our track. He has a wonderful calm manner and always gets the best out of performers that come to his studio - and this project has been no exception. He has spent an extraordinary amount of time capturing all our vocalist's and musician's amazing performances and then even longer editing and producing the song, and adding the magical touches that has made the final  track sound amazing.

Deborah Moore

Deborah Moore is a fantastic graphic designer who also has a background in photography. She has created everything graphic for the YGAF project from the logo to the website. She has also assisted Richard in documenting the journey of the song and video in photographic form.

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